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Everyone has been on one of those long road trips as a kid and played a game or two to break up the boredom, but now as we’ve grown up we tend to forget how boring the backseat can be, here are a few games you can play with your kids on that long journey.


The old faithful favorite, whether you’re I-spying something beginning with a letter or something that’s a color, this can pass a bit of time, take it in turns to guess what the first persons asked, and the one to get it right gets to go next at picking something.

the name game

A simple but fun game, so the first person will give a name like John, the next person has to think of a name starting with the last letter of the previous persons name, so for John it will be “N”, they’d say Nigel, then the next person will have to think of a name beginning with “L” and so on, and nobody can say a duplicate name.

20 questions

A great time killer, one person will think of something, and it can be anything and the other players will take turns in asking yes or no questions. The first person to guess up until the 20th questions been asked is the winner and takes over from the person who thinks of something.

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name that tune

Make good use of the radio or CD player in your car, turn the volume up for just long enough to give a good snippet of the song and have everyone guess what the song could be.

add on story telling

So for this one, one person will start the story for a sentence or two, then the next person needs to carry the story on, it passes around the car until the silly story comes to an end.