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Adult daily tasks become second nature for us now we’ve been there for some time, and it’s easy to forget the important little things that help us get through adulthood, here’s a short list to help you remember and to pass onto your children when they go off on their journey.

1.) The importance of handling their finances

As a student, with not much more than pocket money or a part time job earning small money prior to college, to moving on to being able to get credit cards and loans can be a bit daunting, and they need to know how to spend responsibly.

Teach them how to maintain a good credit score, stress the importance of the things they do with their finances at this stage in their life will also affect their finances later on in life.

2.) Be prepared for emergencies

Your children will have always relied on you in emergencies when they’ve lived at home, but won’t have that luxury when they’re miles away. So make sure they always have an emergency kit in their car and to keep it stocked at all times.

To also make sure they have emergency cash and a list of emergency phone numbers with them.

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3.) the importance of healthy eating

Talk to your kids about the importance of filling their plates with vegetables at every opportunity. They may not always have access to kitchens or have very much money on them. And the majority of students rely on quick, unhealthy meals as they tend to be cheaper. But again, eating healthy effects their livelihood down the road and this needs to be stressed to them.

4.) how to look after themselves

As parents, you would normally schedule in their doctor/dentist appointments when sorting yourself out, but when your kids go to college they will need to start arranging these appointments themselves because you’re not going to know their schedule for a start. Make sure you stress to them that they only have the one body to live with throughout their lives and they need to look after it. Even simple things like brushing teeth, regular showers, even visiting the gym all should be things they should do while they’re away at college.