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Sleep for children is much more important in their younger years than adulthood, it helps their mental and physical development. As your kids grow older it can get a bit more difficult to get them to go to sleep or just to stay in bed, these tips should help them at an early stage to also help them in later life.

It’s important as parents to be strict, yet fair when it comes to bedtime. You want to make sure they go at the right time every night, but not be so unfair that they’re going too early or without their bedtime story or drink.

firstly establish a bedtime routine

Consistency in bedtime routines play an important role in early years, they tend to get tired leading up to bedtime and even when they’re a little older and can tell the time themselves, they know when they need to wind down a little. Give your child something to look forward to after getting ready for bed such as reading them a bedtime story and tucking them in comfortably.

creating a nice, tiring environment

Keeping the noise level down and the lights dimmed as bedtime approaches really helps your kids start feeling they’re ready for the land of nod. Make sure that their bedroom is the right temperature, you want it to be nice and cool, if its warm weather maybe invest in a floor fan to help keep them cool. Also a small night light or keeping the door slightly ajar can help them sleep, nothing too bright though as it stimulates their brain.

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teddies or night blankets help

Kids suffer from mild anxiety when leaving them alone to sleep. You can help reassure them and make them feel safe by giving them a teddy or comfort blanket to snuggle up to for that extra layer of security.

If your child tends to wake up in the middle of the night and call out for you, don’t rush straight to them, let them continue on through for up to ten minutes. If they continue, quickly go in there to reassure them but leave again shortly after. Avoid giving them treats or congratulating them on going back to sleep the day after as this only encourages the behavior, knowing that they will get rewarded the morning after for not creating.

The main thing to focus on giving your child on their bedtimes is consistency, regular bedtimes, getting ready for bed routines and bedtime stories all contribute to letting your child have a restful nights sleep.